Camera Block -Protect your cam

Camera Block is a tool that protect the camera in your device from spyware.

“This app uses the Device Administrator permission.”

Sometimes you install an application (calculator or any other application) and asks for access to camera.

Many of these applications have permission to access Internet too and can upload your photos and videos.

Camera Block protects you from applications (spyware) that may vulnerate your privacy.

Camera Block is a free application that:

+++ Protect your privacy with a single click.
+++ List applications that have access to your camera to identify any suspicious permission .
+++ Easy to use (very simple design).

Bluetooth chat free

Bluetooth chat free application to send short messages over short distances

Bluetooth chat:

Messenger to send short messages over short distances (bluetooth range).

Messages are sent directly between devices having this software installed.

Range depends on the device and obstacles.

Communication free of charges.

MAC vendor (Free)

MAC vendor analyzes wifi, finds vendor / manufacturer of a device by it’s MAC.

MAC vendor analyzes nearby wireless networks and provides you with information about each network.


* Find the vendor / manufacturer of a device by it’s MAC Address.

* Monitor (real-time) wifi and displays information: signal strength , security, exact frequency, channel, network name and MAC.

* Two views (depends of mobile or tablet orientation), horizontal view provides more information than vertical.

Kompass (Free Compass App)

Kompass is a free compass to use just like a real compass. (Hold device flat!)

Compass Free is essential app for your Android device.

A professional compass in your pocket, when you need it, where you need it !!

Kompass compass shows direction of north, south, east and west, and shows degrees.

kompass has rotating bezel for advanced compass navigation.

Free Smart Magnifier (Magnifying Glass)

Free smart magnifier with light, zoom, color change, and option to save picture

One of the best free smart magnifier with light, zoom, color change, and option to save picture.

Use your phone’s camera as a lens to magnify text or anything else.

It has a light mode (on devices with camera flash), Capture function, change of zoom, color change, and many many more options.

It has been tested and works well on almost any Android device.

Spain Metro

Spain Metro (subway)

Metro maps of Barcelona,Madrid,Valencia,Malaga,Majorca,Bilbao,Seville,Alicante.

Metro maps of all spanish cities : Barcelona,Madrid,Valencia,Malaga,Majorca,Bilbao,Seville,Alicante.

Sensor Monitor Free Android


App will monitor all the sensors in the phone and records in a file /sdcard/sensors.csv

The Android App supports three broad categories of sensors:

Motion sensors

These sensors measure acceleration forces and rotational forces along three axes. This category includes accelerometers, gravity sensors, gyroscopes, and rotational vector sensors.

Environmental sensors

These sensors measure various environmental parameters, such as ambient air temperature and pressure, illumination, and humidity. This category includes barometers, photometers, and thermometers.

Position sensors

These sensors measure the physical position of a device. This category includes orientation sensors and magnetometers.

TURN ANY TV OFF- Power OFF – Turn off TVs

Turn off any TV that is in range through the use of your phone’s or tablet’s IR Blaster.

Your device needs to have a supported IR Blaster

This app works by sending the same POWER OFF signal that original remotes send to your TV, one after the other, trying a lot of combinations until it finds one that works. Also works in bars, pubs & more!

Audio,Sound and Voice Recorder Android App Free

Audio, sound and voice recorder Android App Free, Record audio and record voice.

Voice recorder.

Voice recorder, audio recorder.

The best recorder to record sound with high quality.

The voice recording application is totally free. It is simple and easy to use.

You can reliably record your speeches, personal notes, meetings, lectures, songs.

There is no time limits. This application can record most of its sound and voice. You can record a business meeting, a conference, an interview. This application is a better option.

Voice recorder.

Audio recorder,

Sound recorder.


– High quality voice recording

– User interface simple and easy to use.

– High quality recording.

– Play, pause, stop audio file.

– Delete a recording directly from the application.

– Save the recording file.

– Live audio spectrum analyzer

– Background recording (even when the screen is off)

– Save / pause / resume / cancel the control of the recording process

– Easy to use list of recordings